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Williams Woodworks and Milling

Custom woodworking and building projects has always been a hobby for me, but when I found myself with plenty of space in the form of a large shop and also property, I came to find myself trying to find any excuse to be out there.  The access to trees on our own property and neighbors led me to the getting the sawmill going, and just provided an extension, and wonderful, addition to the woodworking/building hobby.  I found myself with enough requests for my services that I started up a business.
Custom milling or re-sawing using my Woodland Mills bandsaw mill, or an Alaskan chainsaw mill for larger cuts as needed is available.  I will list already cut lumber and slabs up as it is available.  I am currently doing custom woodworking projects, and plan on starting pre-built projects to list for sale as they become available.

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Carpenter Cutting Wood

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau

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The Dalles, Oregon


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